Fun for Your Whole Family!

Let the Maui Diamond II make your scuba diving and snorkeling experiences in Maui truly memorable! Explore the tropical Hawaiian waters from our 40' dive boat.  We will take you diving and snorkeling  to the most spectacular dive sites around Maui.

Whale Watching

Join us for an unforgettable  cruise on Maui's waters during whale watching season (December through April).  We offer whale watching excursions by private charter only, so your party will have the boat all to yourselves! Check-in time is ...whenever you want it to be - it's a private charter!  Waters are calmest early in the mornings and also often around sunset.

Humpback Whales migrate to the Hawaiian waters for mating and calving, so they are a common sight and the behaviors we get to witness from the boat are sure to stick with you for a lifetime! Calves must breathe every three to five minutes which means that the mother, and sometimes accompanying "escort" whales, spends quite a bit of time at the surface.

As we cruise, our naturalists will help you understand what you're seeing and will be happy to share fun facts with you.  For example, do you know where the humpbacks eat while they're here in Maui?  No where!  It's too expensive - ha ha!  Just seeing if you were still paying attention!

Humpback whales are listed as an endangered species and are protected from harassment.  In Hawaii, this means that we must stay a minimum of 100 yards away whether swimming, paddling a kayak or driving a boat.  Fortunately, whales do not know about this law, and regularly come close to boats and sometimes even approach divers underwater!

It is just about impossible for us to go out on the boat during whale watching season and not see their above-water displays and hear their songs underwater.  We hear time and again that this is a real "bucket-list" experience!