Fun for Your Whole Family!

Let the Maui Diamond II make your scuba diving and snorkeling experiences in Maui truly memorable! Explore the tropical Hawaiian waters from our 40' dive boat.  We will take you diving and snorkeling  to the most spectacular dive sites around Maui.

Private Charters

Dive/Snorkel Combo Charters - $1800

When you reserve your private charters to Molokini Crater and/or other dive locations, we will provide you with all scuba and snorkel equipment needed for the trip.  Briefings and introductions will take place before the dive so you are familiar with the dive locations and marine life you may see during the dive.  Snorkeling guests are also welcome; heck, it's your private charter!

Dive charter prices include a light breakfast, juice, sodas and a deli-style lunch for up to 18 guests.  Addtional catering is available but contact us for pricing.

**This charter is $2000 from December 15 - January 5 each year.

Snorkeling Charters - $1500 in the morning and $1200 in the afternoon

Snorkel party - woo hoo!  Charter the boat for a half day of snorkeling and we'll show you fish and turtles at two different locations.  You'll have plenty of time to swim, bask in the sun, and just enjoy each other's company.   For snorkel charters, we take a maximum of 18 passengers, and of course we'll plan on feeding you and providing all of your snorkel equipment.

**This charter is  $1500 -$1800 from December 15 - January 5 each year.

Whale Watching Charters - $1000

Whale watching in Maui is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have, especially when you're on the ocean with these giants.  Let us take you and up to 19 other guests on a private cruise off of Maui during Humpback Whale season (December through April).  See the Whale Watching section of this site for more information.

Other Charters

We love to do different things!  We're pleased to offer afternoon and sunset charters upon request, and if there's something we haven't thought of, send your idea our way! We're game! Contact us for more information.  We love to participate in your special occasions, so remember to tell us if you're celebrating a birthday, want to propose marriage (to one of us  or someone else), need help with a practical joke,  or whatever else you may have in mind.