Fun for Your Whole Family!

Let the Maui Diamond II make your scuba diving and snorkeling experiences in Maui truly memorable! Explore the tropical Hawaiian waters from our 40' dive boat.  We will take you diving and snorkeling  to the most spectacular dive sites around Maui.

2 Tank Scuba Dive $139

(add $20 if you need equipment)

CHECK-IN: Maalaea Harbor, Slip 23, 6:15AM

BRING: Your certification card, a towel and sunglasses and let us do the rest!

Where will we take you?

It's different every day, but a typical schedule includes a first dive at Molokini Crater, followed by a second dive somewhere along the South Maui shoreline (usually at a location where we will be able to see turtles!). Sites vary based on weather, diver experience levels, special requests, etc. Been to Molokini already? There are many different sites inside (and out) of the crater, so if you are a repeat guest, please don't hesitate to mention where you've already been, and our captains will make every effort to present you with something "new". Keep in mind also that everyday underwater is something new!

It usually takes us about an hour to get to our first dive site, and we'll use that time to familiarize you with our equipment (if you haven't brought your own) and to brief you on what you can expect to see underwater. We'll also relax, nibble on breakfast snacks, and get to know each other!

After lunch, our charters usually return to the harbor around 1:00 PM and once we arrive, we will have you "walk the plank"! Let our staff hand you your freshly rinsed equipment and they'll also be happy to provide dive stats and sign logbooks if you like. Don't forget to ask for a sticker!

Are you interested in Afternoon Scuba Tours? Afternoon Scuba Tours can be arranged by private charter and will typically include a trip along the west Maui coastline (and not to Molokini).