Fun for Your Whole Family!

Let the Maui Diamond II make your scuba diving and snorkeling experiences in Maui truly memorable! Explore the tropical Hawaiian waters from our 40' dive boat.  We will take you diving and snorkeling  to the most spectacular dive sites around Maui.

The St. Anthony

The St. Anthony is a 65-foot shrimp boat that was intentionally sunk in October 1997, creating Maui's most popular wreck dive and home to many green sea turtles.  The turtles can be seen on the decks, inside the V-berth and cabins.   On occasion, you may even  encounter a turtle clinging to one of the horizontal or vertical bars while it rests.  This little wreck is also a mecca for frogfish, goatfish, and nudibranches, so bring along a flashlight and a sharp eye, and you'll see more than you bargained for!

Along the sandy bottom surrounding the wreck, old tires and cement blocks are scattered, creating an artificial reef that is fun to explore.  In addition to turtles, you may see moray eels peeking out from the tires, trumpetfish hunting with puffers,  sargeant majors gaurding their egg masses, reef sharks resting in the sand, and an abundant supply of curious milletseed butterflyfish.